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The paradox of solitude and loneliness

My book on solitude and loneliness is finally out !  You can order it any bookshop or buy it online. You can choose between the hardcover and the ebook version.  

As a special goodie: If you buy the ebook version in the next 8 weeks, you can get a 40 % discount. How cool is that !

 Content & focus 

Based on interviews with 150 people worldwide as well as current findings from international research on loneliness and results from philosophy, sociology and political science, this book encourages you to embrace and appreciate solitude and loneliness as important companions in life.


A conscious and mindful life and experience of solitude is the best way to prevent loneliness. Solitude is an important process and resource that enables us to become aware of our own wishes, fears and needs. By better understanding how to be alone, we can develop healthier and more self-determined ways of living and more effectively manage our own loneliness. 

Solitude & loneliness 

But solitude and loneliness are not only personal feelings and states of mind but also  social and political phenomena. How we as a society deal with both says a lot about us as post-modern society and about our values and human needs for connection and belonging – not only in times of Corona. Thus, the book also explores government responses to loneliness, and new initiatives for living lives in which solitude and loneliness are recast as key aspects of being human.

Curious for more ?

Buy the book, spread the word …and join me for the book launch!


  • Book launch in English on 19 October 202112:00- 1:30 p.m. CET.
  • Book launch in German on 20 October 202112:00 – 1:30 p.m. CET.


Zoom (register here for the book launch in English & register here for the book launch in German. You will get a confirmation via email, and I will send you the Zoom Link one day prior to the event). 

Looking forward to seeing you at the book launch! 

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